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New Roads, Rails and Bike Paths Around Tesla Giga Berlin


With the Tesla Giga Berlin settlement in Grünheide, a large infrastructure concept is planned with a volume of about €80 million, which includes new bicycle paths, new roads, new freeway exits, and much more.

At Tesla Giga Berlin in Grünheide, tens of thousands of people will soon be commuting in and out every day. The current transport infrastructure is not sufficient for this. A new development plan currently on display in Grünheide is intended to change that.

RBB 24 reports that the numbers are huge: up to 12,000 people are expected to work in the Tesla factory currently for approval. If Tesla expands its factory in the coming years, it could employ up to 40,000 workers, all of whom have to come to the factory somehow. In addition, building materials are to be brought into the factory, and finished Teslas will be transported out of the factory every day. It is considered to be well connected, but a lot has to happen to prevent cars, trucks, trains, and bicycles from jamming with so much traffic.

Therefore, a proposal to change the local development plan in the Grünheid town hall and on the Internet is still available until November 2nd. It essentially provides for five construction measures around Giga Berlin.

In the north of the Tesla area, a new motorway exit from the Berliner Ring is to be built, with two lanes so that trucks can easily drive onto the state road that is also to be built. This should - past a planned works entrance - lead over approx. 400 meters to the existing state road 23 east of the Tesla site.

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