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Musk Says Tesla Is Literally Trying To Build Cars Like Toys


Tesla CEO Elon Musk says Tesla is trying to build vehicles literally just like toys, using Giga Presses.

"With our giant casting machines, we are literally trying to make full-size cars in the same way that toy cars are made," Musk tweeted in a response to a Tesla fan, who wrote "Makes sense that Tesla is taking example on toymakers, to be honest, considering how much fun Teslas are."

One of the goals set by CEO Elon Musk for Tesla electric cars is to make their owners as happy as possible. That explains their rapid acceleration, but also extras that some just shake their heads about, such as the function that was recently renamed "Exhaust gas scandal" in Germany , with which you can play different gut wind noises from any place. And as Musk has now explained, Teslas have another similarity to products that are usually intended for minors: They would soon be produced “literally” like toy cars, he wrote on Twitter.

Musk seeks inspiration in foreign industries.

"Tesla is currently in the process of getting the mass production of batteries for its playful electric cars as well as the more sober stationary energy storage under control. In September 2020 Musk presented its own cell in XL format 4680, which is to be produced with far less space, energy and investment. In addition to the Fremont electric car plant, a pilot system is being worked on with technical help from Germany ; according to Musk, Tesla wants to produce the 4680 cells for the first time in the German Gigafactory near Berlin, reports TeslaMag.

Tesla promoted support this week with a short video that should show parts of the pilot production in Fremont. Nothing slows the way to a sustainable energy future more than the availability of enough battery cells, Musk repeated earlier statements in a Twitter comment. He also said the best technology for much faster cell production can be found in unfamiliar "ultra-high volume" industries like food or medicine. He also cited the toy industry as an example.

Initially, this only referred to battery production, but Musk followers quickly noticed that a sideways glance at toy production is also a good fit for Tesla because of the special features of electric cars. And the CEO himself introduced this idea still further: The production of complete vehicles should be modeled on the toy cars, he explained with a view of the huge die-casting machines, which Tesla recently used in Fremont and arguably the Gigafactory in China and wants to use it much more intensively in the new German factory.

In Fremont, the entire rear part of the vehicle frame for the Model Y has recently been produced in one piece in one of the Giga presses that Tesla bought from the Italian mechanical engineering company Idra. So far, only two of these are in use in the USA, but according to the published applications, eight of these giant machines are planned for the new Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin. This means that the front part of the frame for Model Y is also supposed to be made from one piece, and according to Musk, there is only one more element in between: the middle part, in which the new 4680 cells are the main component of a highly stable sandwich structure.

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