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Tesla Giga Berlin Just Got a New Update On Final Permit's Status


Tesla Giga Berlin just got a new update from Brandenburg's PM Dietmar Woidke, who hopes that Giga Berlin will be granted the final permit soon, but said there is not Lex for Tesla.

Regarding Tesla Giga Berlin's final permit, which is needed for Tesla to confidently continue its first European Gigafactory's construction, Woidke said, "The process has to be legally sound." the authorities were working under high pressure and doing a "great job." "Everyone knows what is at stake in this project for the state, for the region, for all of Germany," reports SudeDeutsche Zeitung.

"Of course I hope that the immission control permit can be issued and signed as soon as possible," said Woidke of the German Press Agency. But he emphasized: “That will be the case when all factual and technical questions have been clarified. I am the supreme head of all approval authorities in Brandenburg, which also explains my reluctance to mention any dates. "

Tesla plans to start production in Grünheide near Berlin in July next year. Tesla is currently only building through a few provisional approvals, the decision on the final environmental approval by the state of Brandenburg is still pending. Conservationists and residents warn of the negative consequences of the factory for the environment.

The head of government said there would be no pressure on the approval authorities. "We are well advised to have the patience to process the individual procedural steps properly and, above all, not to do one thing: to exert political pressure in any way," said Woidke. “There is no Lex Tesla. The procedure must be legally secure. " The authorities worked under high pressure and did a "great job". "Everyone knows what depends on this project for the country, for the region, for all of Germany."

Parallel to the planned start of the Tesla factory in Grünheide (Oder-Spree) in summer, the Berliner Ring is to be renovated on this section.

This was confirmed by Infrastructure Minister Guido Beermann (CDU) in an interview with the "Potsdamer Neuesten Nachrichten" and the "Tagesspiegel" [] (Monday). It's about the route of the A10 between Erkner and Freienbrink. The renovation is necessary because concrete cancer was found there. It was also better for the Gigafactory to do so as soon as possible, said Beermann.

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