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MIC Model 3 Is Getting a Huge Range Increase

Made-in-China Tesla Model 3's range increase is going to make the MIC Tesla Model 3 affordable to more people in China who want to buy electric cars.

Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Performance Model 3 might be a force to reckon with since it received an impressive NEDC range of 635km (394 miles). Take note that the battery pack in Tesla’s MIC Model 3 Performance presumably still runs on a 75kWh battery pack. In comparison, Tesla Fremont Factory’s Model 3 Performance received an EPA range of 299 miles (481 km).

However, NEDC and EPA range estimations are hard to convert and even harder to explain. If tested under EPA standards, Giga Shanghai’s Performance Model 3 might still rack up an impressive range, albeit slightly lower than the one it received from the NEDC.

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