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Lucid Air vs Tesla in Terms of Performance

Lucid Air is not just one of the fastest-accelerating electric cars, but one of the fastest-accelerating cars in the world. And with its electric system, it gives Tesla a run for its money.

Since its unveiling, Lucid Motors has made many bold statements ahead of the September 9 unveiling of its first all-electric sedan. Indeed, according to the manufacturer, the Lucid Air would have the longest range, the fastest charge, and the largest battery available to date on an electric sedan.

According to CIO Lucid Motors says its electric sedan can hit a quarter-mile in just under 10 seconds, overcoming Tesla’s record. Lucid Motors has been making a lot of staggering claims in the build-up to the September 9th unveiling of its first all-electric sedan, the Lucid Air. Recently, the Newark, California-based company is not only laying its cards on the table but taking direct aim at Tesla by claiming to have built one of the quickest production cars ever made.

Lucid says its 1,080 horsepower, twin-engine, all-wheel-drive Lucid Air Dream Edition is the only electric sedan capable of covering 400 meters in less than 10 seconds. In comparison, the best time for a Tesla Model S over 400 meters in 10.4 seconds. Even a modified Tesla Model X failed to go below the 10-second mark.

Update: Lucid Motors just announced delivery of Lucid Air vehicles with a date.

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