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Jim Cramer Says Tesla Could Be Like Amazon, Opens Ford, Lucid and Rivian

Jim Cramer Says Tesla Could Be Like Amazon, and There Is No 2nd Amazon

CNBC's Jim Cramer joined 'Squawk Box' this morning ahead of the day's market action to discuss shares of electric-vehicle makers Tesla, Rivian and Lucid. He warmed up to Tesla and said it may be the next Amazon. Here is what he said. He also says what Ford could do to skyrocket.

“It's entirely possible, entirely possible that Tesla is Amazon and that there was no second amazon. So even though I like all these companies, cars and they look really good, the idea that they could make 17,000 reservations for Lucid and you can make 17,000 Fords in a minute and somehow Lucid is worth more

than Ford, does create problems mentally. But I will say that Lucid's cars are… I'm sure they're going to sell out and Ford’s aren't. But anyway. Look, I said to club members the best way is to play Ford because if Ford decided out of nowhere they just wanted to be an EV company they would be worth a lot more than they are selling right now and that's kind of a strange thing. If they shut down everything but EV, their stock would be worth more than Lucid.”

I don’t know if he is saying that Tesla is undervalued. But this may bode well with my previous report that Tesla may be worth much more in the future than it is now because of its agile and insanely fast corporate processes.

Jim Cramer compares Tesla to Amazon. Amazon sells millions of different things, but it doesn't make anything. Do you think millions of Americans want to be driving the same 4 models of car? Maybe Jim means that Tesla will be shipping everybody's cars via UPS to the people who order their cars online? I always choose Walmart over Amazon whenever I can, but does that sound pretty much like a second Amazon? It doesn’t to me.

Also, there is a huge difference between Amazon and Tesla. Amazon sells products, Tesla needs to make them. Selling is were the money is at, not manufacturing.

But, Tesla is data company, it can sell it and make huge profits. Tesla will eventually become very similar like Amazon and sell products, but most of moneys will be made trough software, data, Tesla energy, Autobidder and so on.

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