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How Tesla Self-Drives Out of a Flooded Parking Lot

Tesla Model Y owner realizes he can use the Smart Summon to call his Tesla out of the flooded parking lot.

loghi007, who shared this video on Instagram, writes "So it rained for like an hour and when I finally was able to go my car I realized that it was in a flooded area. I remembered about the Smart Summon and put it to work. It did a really good job better than expected."

Finally a real-world use case for Smart Summon of Tesla. I think this was the intended use. This video is great, also because one of the few times, smart summon didn't look completely lost and stupid!

Although this Tesla did get uncomfortably close to the other parked vehicles, it’s still good and helpful use of the Smart Summon.

One person says: Never thought of using smart summon in this scenario! Good thinking!

Does anyone know how high does the battery sits from the ground? At what height would I need to worry about water getting in the batteries?

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Wyle E. (not verified)    October 20, 2020 - 9:47PM

Hey - Whats up with this tactic of advertising a story about the Summon feature which only takes 10 seconds of video and filling it with almost 9 minutes of Advertising? OFCOURSE I won't be sharing it!