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Ford Challenges Tesla Giga Berlin With a 1 Billion EV Plant in Cologne

Ford Cologne Electrification Center

Ford will support its massive European EV operation by investing $1 billion to modernize its vehicle assembly facility in Cologne, Germany. The plant will go from a simple production plant to the “Ford Cologne Electrification Center” to manufacture electric vehicles.

Volume production of passenger models in Ford's 1 Billion EV plant will begin in 2023 at the Cologne plant, starting with one European-built model. A second model could be built at the Cologne Electrification Center, but Ford will decide that at a later date.

Announced today, Ford goes “all-in” on electric vehicles in Europe; invests $1bn in transforming Cologne facility into an electrification center.

So welcome to Giga Berlin's new big competition in Germany, to Ford Cologne Electrification Center.

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