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Elon Musk Tweets He Is Buying Manchester United

Elon Musk Tweets He Is Buying Manchester United


Just an hour ago Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted that he is buying Manchester United. "Also, I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome," Musk wrote on Twitter without making any further specifications.

I don't know if he is serious or joking, but Manchester United is a publicly traded company. I imagine the effect of Elon Musk's Tweet on the stock of Manchester United in the morning.

Manchester United plc is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The only person holding 10% or more of the voting rights in Manchester United plc is the Glazer family.

Reuters just reported that "The anti-Glazer movement gained momentum last year after United were involved in a failed attempt to form a breakaway European Super League."

Anyone, including fans of Manchester United, can buy shares in the football club. As long as you have a share trading account (e.g. eToro) you can invest in any company selling its shares on the stock exchange.

As one of Elon Musk's Twitter followers noted in a comment, "How far has it come that even us tesla fans don't know whether he is trolling or not."

Do you think Elon Musk is serious to buy the Manchester United?

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