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Cybertruck's Adjustable Suspension Will Change Your Off-Road Riding Experience

Tesla Cybertruck's Adjustable Suspension


Tesla Cybertruck will have game-changing adjustable suspension. Look how it's going to change your ride experience.

Torque News has already had several reports on Tesla Cybertruck's recent patent information, talking about the Cybertruck's UI and some other new features, but in that patent, Tesla also describes how its adjustable suspension will make vehicles perfectly suited for all types of roads. However, by using Cybertruck as an image for the invention, the electric vehicle maker has hinted that it refers specifically to its electric pickup truck.

Passengers of pickup trucks with a high carrying capacity, face rough rides. The drawbacks of a heavy payload lead to increased suspension stiffness and reduced ride comfort.

In February of 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that active ride height and the active damping of its suspension will be game-changing, especially because Cybertruck has such a high ratio of minimum to maximum weight.

Now, using user input as well as data from a plurality of sensor values ​​located on four independent controllable parts of the suspension system and environmental measurements, "the invention can adjust the suspension. In this case, each of the four independent controllable parts can raise or lower a part of the vehicle and implement modifications of many individual settings," explains Eva Fox from the Tesmanian.

We are also learning that Tesla patent applications reveal that Cybertruck could use facial recognition to adjust climate controls, mirrors, and more.

Here are the two main things we learned about the Cybertruck from this patent application and I consider these Cybertruck updates very important.

Cybertruck's interior cameras may recognize a driver's face and adjust settings accordingly. And the second is that Tesla's truck may also determine where a driver's face is to adjust air conditioning and mirrors.

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