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Bolt on 2007 GT500 vs 2013 Camaro SS 662whp 30mph roll

2007 Shelby Mustang

This race between the 2007 GT500 Shelby and 2015 Chevy Camaro SS was at street racing style event at Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida where TorqueNews reader Tyler Horvath, who sent this video, lives..

"The Camaro I raced is one of my buddies' and we have been talking about racing each other for a little while now and finally got to today," Horvath wrote to TorqueNews. He bought the car bone stock about 2 years ago a he has been slowly adding bolt ons little by little to get it where it is now.

It still has the stock Eaton supercharger with full bolt ons and makes around 600rwhp. "The Camaro SS has full bolt ons, cam, and a 2.3 supercharger making around 662whp," wrote Horvath.

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