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TorqueNews Image Trivia - Name This Custom Car


The vehicle shown in the image below is a custom car built in the early 1980s. Only 6 of them were known to be built and while the exterior is distinctly custom, this unique vehicle rides on the chassis of a production car from that era - along with the V8 drive train. Can you guess what kind of car this unique custom luxury car began its life as? We are looking for a year and model!

Hint: take a good long look at the exterior door handle in relation to the roofline!

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I believe it started it's life as a 80-82 Corvette.

The handle position reminds me of my 1976 Corvette. So, likely a Corvette as Chandra noted, but I'm unsure of the exact vintage.

Looks like a C3 Corvette. 1981?

It is definitely a C3 chassis covered in pimp-mobile. Looks like an old Stutz, but I think they were a Pontiac.