When I am stopped at a light my brake pedal slowly releases down to the floor. Honda says this is normal. May I note that it happens with and without the air on. They found no issue with it and everything measured as it should. (?) Also, my car vibrates really bad when the motor is cold and I put my foot on the brake and put it in reverse. It is at 1500 rpms upon start and vibration doesn't go away until around 7000rpms. Only happens when brake is engaged. Motor mounts were checked and ok. Again, Honda says this is normal and that the cvt fluid has to reach temperature first. I have tested 5 other civics on 2 other lots and none did this. Was told to go to another dealer. Went to another dealership and he was telling me everything was normal BEFORE he even checked it out. Maybe it is, but doesn't seem normal if 5 others aren't vibrating. Please help me! If I am wrong I will accept it gracefully.