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Bronco Off-Roadeo Adds More Site Locations For More Off-Road Adventures

Four locations throughout the U.S. are off-road playgrounds for those who buy the 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands, Bronco Two-Door or Bronco Four-Door. Off-road adventures part of introduction into Bronco’s Built Wild moniker.


“Getting into the wild is at the core of Bronco brand,” so said Mark Grueber, Bronco brand marketing manager. Likewise, Ford PR guru Mike Levine has been showing off his new Bronco Sport going far off the road in G.O.A.T. mode, showcasing the Bronco Sport’s rugged ability.

Ford Bronco Sport GOAT Mode

With the Bronco Sport being the first of the three re-launched Broncos available now, as the two-door and four-door are both delayed now as we recently reported, it’s important for Ford to continue the Bronco momentum they gained over the summer.

Likewise, many of the Bronco enthusiasts poopoo the Sport as not a real Bronco. So, I think it’s great to see it be the first “horse” out of the stall and running truly wild. Heck, Ford even created a Roadeo-specific Bronco Sport concept.

Ford Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo ConceptBronco Sport Off-Roadeo Adventure Patrol
Along with four other off-road specific Bronco concepts that I wrote about earlier this summer, there’s a special Bronco Sport concept that’s devoted to the new Off-Roadeo Adventure, based on the rugged Badlands trim.

Bronco Sport Off-Roadeo Adventure Patrol: Designed for the upcoming Bronco Off-Roadeo customer adventure playgrounds, this Bronco Sport Badlands build is equipped to assist in the wild with its Yakima LockNLoad Cargo Platform to hold recovery gear like a high-lift jack, recovery boards and jerry cans. A Ford Performance by RIGID off-road LED lightbar also mounts to the rack system.

To support one of many Off-Roadeo excursions available, this Bronco Sport is equipped with the interior bike rack from Yakima to hold two mountain bikes. And to record customers’ adventures, it integrates a target to land the drone that will be used on-trail at Off-Roadeo locations.

Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo AdventureWhat Are The Locations Of The Bronco Off-Roadeo Parks?
There are four locations now. Ford originally had only announced the Austin location, but now added three more. They are: Austin, Nevada, Moab and Vermont. This helps cover a lot of different environments and also gives various geographic locations to people throughout the U.S.

“At each of our four Bronco Off-Roadeo locations, we want owners and enthusiasts – even those who are off-road novices – to have as much fun as off-road pros and we want to provide them with knowledge and experience to make their future Bronco adventures even greater, said Grueber.

All of the below location information is from the Bronco Off-Roadeo website.

(Austin) Texas
Texas means rugged ranches, stunning sunsets over sprawling Hill Country and herds of wild Broncos running free across the naturally gnarled terrain. Set an hour outside of Austin, Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas will take your off-road experience to the next level.

For most of the year, the dry climate makes winding rivers and rocky creek beds perfect for crossing, until the rainy season brings exciting challenges that Bronco was built to handle. To learn first-hand what makes Bronco so capable, you will navigate our private trails, steep hills, red rocks and craggy ledges before settling around the campfire under the big Texas sky.

Moab is known as an unrivaled destination for outdoor pursuits like camping, hiking, mountain biking and river rafting; as the scenic backdrop for silver screen favorites featuring “the Duke” and, as an off-road paradise offering incredibly diverse and challenging terrain. With dozens of trails heading in every direction, Bronco Off-Roadeo Moab will offer endless action and the opportunity to explore steep ledges, narrow canyons, sand, mud and at times, snow.

The area’s unequaled beauty and variety of trails will captivate your curiosity and challenge your off-road skills while showing you the amazing possibilities across Southern Utah, one of the many places where Bronco can take you.

Home to over 300 mountain ranges, more than any other state, Nevada is rich with rocky washes, rolling two tracks and over 50 million acres of public land anchored by The Great Basin and Mojave Deserts. With a long and storied history of “Baja-style” racing, the state’s remote and challenging terrain provides the perfect, natural landscape to experience the all-new Bronco.

The rugged desert lands of Bronco Off-Roadeo Nevada will challenge you with weathered terrain, side tilts and rock shelves on our bespoke private lands and winding public trails. Experience a destination unlike any other: one just outside of Las Vegas that feels a million miles away, with the terrain to put both you and Bronco through the paces that prove its off-road pedigree.

Winding through the forested, rugged trails of Vermont is like traveling through a postcard of American history: scenic farms dappled with charming red barns, picturesque towns with passionate local communities and, if you look a little deeper, a network of nearly 9,000 miles of dirt roads ready to explore. Bronco Off-Roadeo Vermont will take you through the rocky, muddy, hilly terrain that earned Vermont the moniker: Green Mountain State.

Your experience will begin on a private trail system to learn about Bronco’s off-road capability before setting off on exciting trail drives through Vermont’s legendary Class 4 roads. Defined as “passable but not maintained,” these Class 4 roads will quickly put your skills to the test, as these remote, rural tracks offer some of the best off-road driving the East Coast has to offer.

Ford Bronco Two-Door Off RoadeoBronco Off-Roadeo FAQs
How much does it cost? Bronco, Bronco Sport Badlands and Bronco Sport First Edition series owners will be responsible for lodging and travel to and from Bronco Off-Roadeo and a registration and processing fee. You may sign up here to receive up-to-date information.

How long is the experience? Bronco Off-Roadeo is a 1.5 day experience. Start times will vary by location and availability.

Who is eligible for this off-roadeo experience? Original owners of a qualifying all-new 2021 Bronco, Bronco Sport Badlands or Bronco Sport First Edition. Eligible participants will have one calendar year from the date of delivery to register and attend.

Do I have to bring my own Bronco? While you are welcome to drive your own Bronco to and from Bronco Off-Roadeo, all program vehicles will be provided for your Off-Roadeo experience.

Do I have to be an expert off-roader to attend? No! Bronco Off-Roadeo was built for amateurs and experts alike. Our experiences are designed to build confidence and provide you with the knowledge and skills to get out into the wild for years to come!

I’m loving the Bronco Off-Roadeo concept. This is similar to what Ford has done in the past with Ford Performance for Mustang GT purchases and also the ST Driving Experience for Explorer and Edge ST purchases. I actually was invited along on an ST Driving Experience in Park City, Utah and it was so much fun.

I can only imagine how much fun the Off-Roadeo Experience would be.

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