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Upgrade Your Toyota Prius Center Console Armrest For $20

If your Toyota Prius has a dirty or missing armrest for a center console here is a helpful tip to get it looking and feeling better than new.

Last I checked, no one likes to have a dirty center console armrest. As most of you are aware, I buy and sell Prius cars all the time. When I am done with them, I make sure they are clean and ready for a new owner. Sometimes I have to take drastic measures to get them up to my standard.

The topic of this article today is replacing the cover that is the armrest or center console. I will show you what I am doing, and after my video is all done, you will be able to view the process on YouTube to do it too.

Materials You Will Need
The armrest I am working on had no cover at all. To make the process easier, I borrowed the cover from another Prius to make a template.

center console armrest covers

The materials I needed were easily sourced at my local Jo-Anns Fabric store. I bought new cloth (suede), padding (1/4") and some glue. I laid out the template, marked and cut the fabric with padding, and now am installing it.

The Process
The process is quite simple if you put it back together in the opposite way of removal. I am only using the spray adhesive to lock the padding into place while stretching the fabric over the armrest.

Once the fabric is in place, I will put all the screws back in and enjoy my new graciously padded armrest.

Doing this job is pretty easy for the DIYer looking to freshen up your interior. I spent a whopping $20 (with a 40% discount) on my fabric padding and spray adhesive.

It may seem simple, but doing minor repairs like this can make your interior feel more comfortable and clean. I do things like this because every Prius I put into someone else's hands has to be 100%.

Thank you all for reading, and remember, Today's Adventure is Tomorrow's Story.

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