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As Catalytic Converter Theft Continues To Climb, Dealers Run Low On Replacements

Catalytic converter theft is still rampant, and the COVID global shut down has only made things worse. Here is what is happening to Toyota dealers.


Catalytic converter theft is no small matter. It is a billion-dollar black-market industry that is destroying the environment and the lives of Prius owners.

Catalytic converter theft is not partial to Prius only; it is a problem with many vehicles on the road. Prius has been at the forefront of the pandemic, though, as there have been attempts to help combat the issue, which I will discuss later.

The primary issue that we are now facing is that due to COVID-19, dealers are facing significant challenges in getting cars repaired. Take a look at what the problem is and what we can do to fight against it.

The Issue WIth Catalytic Converter Theft
Covid-19 had wrecked many things for a lot of people. Jobs have been lost, stocks have tanked, and the economy has been under severe strain. Something that has not stopped moving though is catalytic converter theft, especially on the Toyota Prius.

Even with precious metal prices tanking, cat thieves have still been on the prowl looking for converters. Theives have found easier targets while people have been at home more often.

Theft is only part of the problem, though. What happens when you cannot get a replacement converter for your Prius because theft is so high, and the global economy has been limited to the production/shipment of converters? You get a crisis on your hands is what you get.

Due to Covid-19,, Toyota dealers are scrambling to keep these converters in stock. Toyota Motor Corp has gone on backorder for weeks due to the demand for converters. Because of this problem, our beloved Prius can sit at the dealer for weeks waiting for a replacement.

Toyota San Fransisco

When a Prius sits and does nothing for weeks on end, it will degrade the hybrid battery. Now that $3000 repair that you just had could turn into a total loss for you, Prius, if you needed to replace the battery as well.

Keeping Your Prius Safe From Theft
I have been covering this catalytic converter theft story for quite some time now. As a six-time Prius owner, I can tell you that I want every owner to be safe and enjoy their car. I have written about a company called Cat Security™ that I believe is an answer to the prayers of many unsuspecting Prius owners.

I want to make it clear that I am not paid by Cat Security™, but rather enjoy writing about it and how the company is taking a stand against converter theft on our cars. I have spoken with the owners about their mission to bring a product to market that can give people peace of mind and keep your Prius safe.

Cat Security protection is the Prius' best defense against Corona Virus Thieves Cat Security™ is a wonderfully designed anti-theft shield that is tailored specifically to your Prius. It is right now one of the most affordable solutions to keep your Prius safe, and as a Prius owner myself, you can see why I would want to write about a product that is on our side keeping us protected. That has been my only interest in writing about this product.

If you want to know more about their products, you can see them here on their website at

Catalytic converter theft continues to climb. Covid-19 has made it harder for dealers to get replacement converters for our cars, and hundreds of Prius each week are sitting on dealer lots or garages waiting for repair.

Your Prius could be next, and so could mine. I already have my Prius protected with Cat Security™, even though I am not in a high target area. Take the time and consider what your value your Prius is to you and give some serious consideration to protecting it with the best protective shield on the market.

Think about it this way, for less than $300 you can avoid almost $6000 in unnecessary repairs.

Thank you all for reading. I look forward to seeing you in the next story. 3 Reasons Why Fiat-Chrysler Cannot Build A Hybrid As Good As The Toyota Prius.

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