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Lingenfelter muscles up 2008-2010 Dodge ponycars with the Dodge Challenger Supercharger Package

There is that sinking feeling when the latest and greatest version of the car you already own comes out, as owners of 2008 through 2010 Dodge Challengers know all too well. Fortunately, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has a cure for that and then some. It's the Dodge Challenger Supercharger Package, and installed on the 6.1-liter Hemi, it's good for 500 rear wheel horsepower. Or using the usual estimates, about 590 horsepower at the flywheel, according to Lingenfelter.


Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is best known for its monster Corvettes, but with the Dodge Challenger Supercharger Package crosses over to the pentastar side of the aisle. The package comes complete with Professional installation, testing and calibration, and includes the Magnuson TVS2300 intercooled supercharger system, Lingenfelter High Flow air intake, properly sized fuel injectors, a 160 degree thermostat, all finished off with black powder coated finish. Lingenfelter provides a 3/36 warranty . Lingenfelter fender badges are included, and the owner also gets a Lingenfelter certificate of authenticity for (a) bragging rights, and (b) eventually resale value.

Lingenfelter also provides a before and after dyno report. Baseline testing on a Mustang chassis dyno showed the 6.1-liter Challenger produced 373 rear wheel horsepower and 355 lb.-ft. of torque. With at six pounds of boost from the supercharger, the LPE-modified 6.1-liter Challenger produced 500 rear wheel horsepower with 450 lb.-ft. of torque.

"Our engineering specialists are able to tune today's Challengers to deliver increased performance, as demonstrated when the Lingenfelter 6.1L Challenger recently ran a best of 12.03-seconds at 120 mph at the Muncie Dragway in Indiana," said Owner Ken Lingenfelter. "With more than 30 years of expertise in fine-tuning engines, we have the capabilities to give auto enthusiasts more speed, greater power and enhanced overall performance."

Dodge says the mighty Challenger SRT8 392 takes a relatively laggardly 12.4 seconds to reach the other end of 1320 ft of asphalt.

Lingenfelter asserts that highway gas mileage isn't decreased-- city mileage claim conspicuous in its absence--and also that drivability also isn't affected.

Look for some effect on your bank account, however.

Lingenfelter charges $8,995, but it's a turnkey operation. Hand your keys over to Ken and a week later your Challenger comes back looking like Peter Parker after the spider bite. Don't have the 6.1 Hemi in your Challenger? Ken will put the Lingenfelter Dodge Challenger Supercharger Package on your Challenger with the 5.7 liter Hemi too for that Spiderman effect. Except for that whole climbing on walls thing. It won't be quite as fast as the 6.1, but then someone has to keep the Challenger 392s busy.