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You Will Not Believe These 3 Appearance Packages for 2020 Toyota Tundra

Learn about 3 completely different X-Series appearance packages for the 2020 Tundra. How would they look on your truck?

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One thing we know most truck owners and enthusiasts share is a passion for vehicle modifications. We buy our trucks one way with the intention to personalize them a completely different way. To customize them. To “make them our own.”

The Toyota Tundra is about as tough and reliable as they come, and it is also a great choice for making it your own. Especially wheels and tires.

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In the United States, Toyota is divided into several sales regions. One of these regions, Southeast Toyota, has created an entire lineup of unique appearance packages called X-Series to help personalize our cars, trucks and SUVs.

There are 3 different packages available for the 2020 Toyota Tundra, with each one offering a very distinct one-of-a-kind look.

XP Predator Package for 2020 Tundra

2020 Toyota Tundra Cavalry Blue double cab xp predator package

On a 2020 Tundra the main highlight is the 18” wheel and tire package. It features black TRD Pro alloy wheels with all-terrain tires. Predator pro step bars run the length of the passenger doors. They add not only looks but also function.

2020 Toyota Tundra Cavalry Blue XP Predator package

Also look for great value with included black exhaust tip, emblem overlays, tailgate inserts and X-Series badging. It has a retail MSRP of $3,199 after a window sticker discount of $2,000.

2020 Tundra XP Gunner package

2020 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Midnight Black Metallic XP Gunner package

You may be familiar with the 2020 4Runner XP Gunner package already.

2020 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Midnight Black Metallic XP Gunner package

Also retailing for $3,199 according to the 2020 Tundra window sticker, this package offers a larger wheel and tire combination. Look for 20” black gunner alloy wheels and all-terrain tires. I found them to look particularly fierce on the Midnight Black Tundra I reviewed.

XP Gunner also adds predator pro step bars, black exhaust tip, and XP badging.

XSP Package on 2020 Toyota Tundra

2020 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Magnetic Gray Metallic XSP Package

A 2020 Tundra equipped with an XSP package will come with the most equipment and additions. It also comes with the highest price tag of $5,299. However, I found it to be a strong value.

2020 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Magnetic Gray Metallic XSP Package

A 20” Ultra Clash wheels with all-terrain tires combo styles up your full-size Tundra like no other. Color-keyed fender flares with black rivets, along with bright red caliper covers, finish the look in tough fashion.

You may find the included spray-in bedliner helpful as well for hauling and transporting. Also look for very unique and functional drop step running boards. Included 2-in-1 LED fog lights and daytime running lights as well assist with looks and improved visibility.

VIDEO: Follow along as I highlight all 3 packages in my video tour.

Other highlights are black exhaust tip, black overlays and badging, tailgate inserts, as well as color keyed bumper covers.

Time for your thoughts on Toyota Tundra

Toyota X-Series appearance packages are offered for Toyota Tacoma, Camry, RAV4, Tundra and 4Runner. To learn more, visit

Which of these appearance packages appeal to you the most? Also, what mods have you done on your truck that you are most proud of?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you in my next Toyota story when I discuss potential delay with the new 2021 RAV4 Prime.

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Jesse (not verified)    April 19, 2020 - 6:23PM

Esse Quam Videri - "To be, rather to seem". While this article is about "appearance packages", I also want to know of any engine, transmission, or suspension upgrades. It's just appearance. I know these packages are meant to draw attention to the truck, and possibly, make a sale. Got it. I am from the generation where if you gonna look buff, you better be able to prove it. Nice article with good pics and info. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Will BOLO our local dealer as these hit the lot!!