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Next-Gen 2024 Toyota 4Runner Should Get What 2023 Sequoia Did Not

The one 2024 Toyota 4Runner feature should get – but that 2023 Sequoia lost out on.

Toyota 4Runner is popular, to put it mildly. Quite a bit of the questions I get from Toyota fans about upcoming models and new vehicles center on Toyota 4Runner.

And there is really one big topic on their minds. When will 4Runner be redesigned?

Next-gen Toyota 4Runner
2024 Toyota 4Runner blue front end profile view
Rendering of next generation 4Runner by AutomotivePress YouTube channel.

That is one big question I wish I could answer – when will we see the “new 4Runner”?

Fans, owners, and 4Runner enthusiasts seem to feel 2024 model year is the time frame for a new body style. They have been waiting quite a while, and just one more year might not be so bad.

Others believe 2025 Toyota 4Runner is when we will see the next generation.

For that one, I still think next gen 4Runner will come for 2024. But I have no knowledge or insider information to support this. Just a feeling for now. I could probably be wrong. Very wrong. Or maybe I am right.

When do you think Toyota 4Runner will be redesigned?

2024 4Runner Rear Window
2023 Toyota 4Runner 40th Anniversary Edition Super White profile view

We will be learning plenty of new information about a redesigned 4Runner as launch date gets closer.

A new engine and powertrain, a hybrid option, modern interior cabin with all-new safety and technology, and brand-new exterior styling are all things to look forward to.

One key feature I think 4Runner fans will insist on keeping is the power-operated vertical rear window. This practical idea allows for fresh air for rear passengers – especially our furry traveling companions. Yep, dogs love it.

I feel this feature is a must-have for many 4Runner enthusiasts, and I believe Toyota will find a way to keep it.

2023 Sequoia Missed Out

The 2023 Toyota Sequoia is, in my opinion, the best and the coolest redesign of any Toyota model I have seen since I began covering Toyota around 2005.

So many things to love here.

Sequoia did not, however, receive the “power back window treatment”. You can pop the rear window top glass, though. So, at least fans get some rear window relief.

Time for Your Toyota 4Runner Comments

What are you expecting with next generation 4Runner? Any special features you want or need to have with this next body style?

Is a power rear window important to you, and would it be a dealbreaker if next generation 4Runner did not have this feature?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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Jeff, As an owner of a 3rd Gen Tacoma, and I have driven the 4Runner, both these vehicles are due for a MAJOR overhaul. I suppose I'm a Toyota fanboy as I do love the product but Toyota really needs to step up their game. With the completely new model, it should be thoroughly tested before releasing it to the public. If they mess up the driveline like they did with the Tacoma, customers will not be happy! At the end of the day, all the new technology is fine, and we don't need a truck to do 100 mph but damn it we need more torque! An engine that has to rev like a sowing machine to maintain speed on a flat hiway just because there is a little headwind is, in my opinion not a truck at all but an oversized Civic. Tell Toyota that those of us who love their trucks, want exactly that, a truck. Cheers Love your Toyota Jeff Videos!!
Twin turbski v6 with 389hp and 479 lb ft would make it competitive with the Jeep Grand Cherokee v8 and the Bronco. 33" tires offroad suspension body on frame with 10 speed transmission and rear roll down window is all I need. Maybe make the TRD Pro have the option for the hybrid system.