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Inflated Prices and Long Wait Times: Your Vehicle Shortage Questions Answered (with Video)

I answer questions from people concerned about the ongoing vehicle shortage. Did yours make the list?

These are uncertain times in the automotive industry my friends. Many people have been, and are still being, affected by the shocking lack of cars and trucks and SUVs available for sale.

Not only across the United States, but all over the entire world.

Toyota Vehicle Shortage

Visit just about any dealership (any brand) these days and you will find more empty new vehicle parking spots than actual cars for sale. Some lots remind me of a deserted ghost town or the remnants of a zombie apocalypse.

I receive several emails and comments from my “ToyotaJeff Reviews” YouTube channel viewers and my Torque News / Toyota News column readers each day. The main topic people want to ask about is the computer chip shortage and resulting vehicle shortage.

One Toyota dealership employee in Winnipeg, Canada told me they normally have around 200 cars on the lot. Now they have only “8 different Corolla sedans, 3 Venza, 2 CHR, 1 Camry Hybrid XLE.” No trucks. No SUVs.

These numbers may sound really low, but there are so many dealerships in the United States who have single digit numbers or even zero vehicles on their lot that are available for immediate sale.

Crazy times.

Toyota Chip Shortage Questions Answered

I uploaded a new video on my channel yesterday about the automotive chip shortage. In it, I answer several questions from people all over the world.

Consumers are nervous, confused, and unsure of how to proceed next when there are little to no cars to be purchased.

Here is the video. I hope you find it helpful.

VIDEO: Answering several questions about auto shortage.

One potential buyer in California was turned off by a $15,000 market adjustment fee on a Toyota 4Runner he was interested in. Another person has been going in circles with two Toyota dealerships trying to get her 2022 4Runner in Lunar Rock.

All over the world this vehicle backup is occurring.

A gentleman in New Zealand is excited because his RAV4 Adventure Hybrid is on order, and they are expecting it in June of 2022.

Yes, that is right. Another eight to nine months. But that is typical of vehicle wait times in New Zealand and Australia right now for a RAV4 Hybrid.

Just to purchase a new car.

Time for Your Vehicle Shortage Comments

Please remember that this vehicle shortage is related to critically low supplies of both computer chips and other valuable parts needed to build vehicles.

Virtually all manufacturers are impacted. Not just Toyota. I am just writing about Toyota because I cover the brand on several social media platforms.

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In fact, Toyota had done an incredible job stockpiling these essential computer chips until a month or two ago. More so than any other auto manufacturer. They were pretty much the final automobile corporation to reduce their production of new vehicles during this entire situation.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Have you encountered any evidence of a vehicle shortage while researching or shopping for a new car, truck, or SUV? Tell me about your personal experience shopping.

See you next story when I discuss the new Toyota announcement for battery production in the United States.

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