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How to Decide (with Video) Between 2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited vs Limited Nightshade

Learn about key differences between the 2020 4Runner Limited and Limited Nightshade.

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One of the most popular and beloved Toyota models of all time is 4Runner. People love it for its family spaciousness and versatility. Face it – there is a ton of room in Toyota 4Runner.

Owners also enjoy 4Runner for its off-road toughness. This body-on-frame design is built to withstand difficult trails and terrain. Some models like TRD Off-Road and TRD Pro provide tools such as crawl control and multi-terrain select to give drivers as much traction as possible when needed.

But what about the luxury side of things?

Recently I visited Spartan Toyota in Lansing, MI to find out just for myself. It was there that I met Sierra Tamez, one of the nicest and brightest salespeople you may ever meet. Sierra and I filmed a video comparing 2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited versus 4Runner Limited Nightshade for my Toyotajeff YouTube channel.

You get to decide your favorite from my included video review.

2020 4Runner Limited

2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited Blizzard Pearl profile view

With Toyota 4Runner, bringing the classy and luxurious flair means adding quite a bit of chrome accents to decorate the spacious exterior. You will find shiny 20-inch 6-spoke alloy wheels anchoring 4Runner.

Look for chrome highlights including door handles, Toyota symbol and lettering.

Video: Compare 4Runner Limited vs Limited Nightshade in my video review.

So now, what is your favorite? Did your opinion change after seeing them together?

2020 4Runner Limited Nightshade

2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited Nightshade Midnight Black profile and front end

Toyota added a Nightshade trim level to its powerful lineup as a “come to the dark side” alternative to its popular Limited grade.

Pretty much wherever you found bright chrome on the Limited, you will now find a darker black chrome. These blackish accents give your new 4Runner a distinct edge to it.

Also, the silver alloy wheels of the Limited have been replaced with glossy black 20-inch alloy wheels on Limited Nightshade.

Often a decision can be made between the two trims just by comparing wheels color and design.

You will find black accents including door handles, rocker panels, roof rails, mirrors, window moldings, garnishes and exhaust tip highlighting “the dark side” of 2020 4Runer Limited Nightshade.

Time for your thoughts on Toyota 4Runner

Thanks for reading everyone. Do you own a Toyota 4Runner and what is your experience with them? Do you have a preference for 4Runner Limited or for 4Runner Limited Nightshade?

Also, do you have your eye on the brand new 2021 4Runner Trail Special Edition?

See you next story when I talk about 2021 Toyota Venza pricing and color choices.

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