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Consumer Reports 10 Best SUVs You Can Buy Right Now – 3 Toyotas Made the List (Did RAV4?)

How did Toyota RAV4 and Highlander do in Consumer Reports Best SUVs list?

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Buying an SUV seems to be the way to go for many families these days. Most notably, they are generally spacious and versatile. Plus, a lot of SUVs are able to attain solid gas mileage as well.

Consumer Reports came out with a list of the “10 Best SUVs You Can Buy Right Now”. Sounds interesting, right?

2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE in Wind Chill Pearl

And how did Toyota models – like the RAV4 and Highlander families, 4Runner, Sequoia – fare in the rankings?

My family is a Toyota family (we own Camry, Corolla, Highlander Hybrid, and Crown). And I also review the Toyota brand for my ToyotaJeff Reviews YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok social media platforms.

Clearly, I have a particular interest in seeing how Toyota RAV4, RAV4 Hybrid, RAV4 Prime (I am a gigantic fan of RAV4 in general), Highlander, and Highlander Hybrid scored.

Consumer Reports and 2023 RAV4

These Consumer Reports rankings were based on each vehicle’s overall score including performance, reliability, safety, and owner satisfaction. Since these are all new vehicles, each one is a 2023 model:

  1. Honda CR-V Hybrid
  2. Hyundai Sante Fe Hybrid
  3. Subaru Forester
  4. Kia Telluride
  5. Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  6. Honda CR-V
  7. Hyundai Tucson Hybrid
  8. Toyota RAV4 Prime
  9. Nissan Rogue
  10. Toyota Highlander

My Thoughts on 2023 Toyota RAV4

2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE Silver Sky Metallic front end

This is a pretty diverse list, and also not surprising considering there are so many brands and options in these crowded compact and midsize SUV segments.

Plenty to choose from.

The 2023 Toyota RAV4, including RAV4 Hybrid and RAV4 Prime (plug-in hybrid), is extremely popular with buyers.

RAV4 Prime is a solid choice because of its 302 horsepower, great 94 MPGe, and 42 mile electric-only range.

Video You May Enjoy: Big Changes for 2023 Toyota RAV4 Prime

I would also feel very comfortable with anyone in my family buying a 2023 RAV4 Hybrid or 2023 RAV4 gasoline-only SUV. They are comfortable and smooth and have good passenger / cargo space with solid technology and safety features.

Toyota RAV4 is a complete winner in my book.

2023 Toyota Highlander

2023 Toyota Grand Highlander multi-information display

For years I have referred to Toyota Highlander as the ultimate family road trip vehicle. It is smooth and quiet and comfortable, with good passenger and cargo space.

My wife owns a 2023 Highlander Hybrid Platinum, and she absolutely loves it. Often, she gets more than the 36 miles per gallon it is rated at.

The Toyota Highlander is an SUV you can have tremendous peace of mind with, as it is reliable and dependable and trustworthy for the long haul.

Time for Your Toyota RAV4 Comments

Are you a Toyota RAV4 or Toyota Highlander owner, and if so, how do you like your ride so far?

How about the other vehicles on the list? Do you own one or want one?

Here is the entire Consumer Reports story for your review.

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

2023 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Supersonic Red - profile view

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Would rather not say (not verified)    August 21, 2023 - 10:11AM

Question: Thoughts on the Honda CRV hybrid and gas only version?
Also, the RAV4 has a corrosion problem with an electrical connector. Do you feel the "fix" for that issue is robust enough? I live in the north where they roads are heavily salted in the winter.