Tesla Model Y
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Possible Tesla Model Y Sighting

This is possibly more than a spy shot of Tesla Model Y. What do you think?

I have been driving around the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne lately to wonder if this is truly the first model Y sighting ever seen. Between the 405 in Culver City to La Cienega Blvd by the airport I wonder if this is so.

What pleases me even more about this Model Y sighting in the wild is that it’s using a ChargePoint public station. I’ve been trying to show folks that a car doesn’t need its own network for you to find a public charger, even for a Tesla owner.

When you do get your first electric car make sure you buy adapters for different networks as the networks continue to unify their compatibility.

While we are talking about Tesla Model Y, the Model U is in the news as well. It may decide if Tesla is going to be an off-roading carmaker too. See my morning story titled Tesla Can Become an Ultimate Adventure Vehicle, but Off-roading Depends on Model U.

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If the Model Y is like the Model 3 (and it is mostly) it will only come with a J1772 adapter. No CHAdeMO, no CCS (unless you buy the European model).
are your referring to their superchargers that are direct current charging at rates that exceed all other EV limits? It wasn't like the other manufacturers helped Telsa build its network or anything. In fact, the other manufacturers tried to stop and slow down Telsa as much as they could in every way possible.