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Porsche's Quick Charge Stations Have Arrived, and They Have a Crucial Advantage Over Tesla's

Torquenews has been keeping a close eye on the progress of Porsche's electric vehicle. Like the EV contender Tesla, Porsche has been making substantial promises about future developments. Among these promises was the guarantee of a network of fast-charging stations. Tesla currently has their own proprietary equivalents, and Porsche's late entry puts them behind the game in this regard. Now, however, it looks like Porsche is delivering: super-fast charging stations have begun to pop up.
Posted: July 11, 2018 - 8:03PM
Author: Max Marck

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Porsche's EV has been on the horizon for some time now, and there is a real chance that Tesla's popularity- indeed singularity, is soon to be undermined. For a number of important reasons, Porsche's car has a promising future. Like Tesla, Porsche is developing a network of fast-charging stations which have the potential of charging the car in a fraction of the time--half an hour is not impossible.

Tesla's Threat from Porsche

Part of Tesla's reputation rests on the fact that they produce the EVs with the most style and prestige. Porsche is gunning for that spot. Their EV, the Taycan, has more impressive performance numbers than the Tesla, and a recent deal with Rimac gives real plausibility to this ambition. The advantage which Tesla has right now is the network of "supercharging stations" which spread across the country. Porsche has promised to have their own in the coming years, and have begun by connecting several to the electrical grid. But in one major way, Porsche has made a move which Torquenews believes will give them an edge

Porsche's Power of Popular Appeal

Tesla's supercharging stations are proprietary, and so do not allow other vehicles to use the same connector. Porsche's stations allow any EV to charge, but only Porsche vehicles will able to use the quick-charge function. This seems likely to work in Porsche's favor, as it bolsters the brand's public appeal, which already may be an advantage which the company has over the less established Tesla. Only time will tell, of course, but Porsche's efforts seem to be well orchestrated and carefully planned. This could be the result of a large pool of Volkswagen AG resources which Porsche benefits from. It's clear, however, that Porsche is leveraging this advantage for all it's worth.

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kent beuchert (not verified)    July 20, 2018 - 4:27PM

Except for TEsla's Supercharger and Nissan's CHAdemo charging protocols, all of the world's automakers are committed to CCS charging protocol, which is what the Porsche chargers use. This means that there will be a huge number of CCS charging stations and they will compete against each other.