Porsche Driver's Selection Go-Kart

You're never too young for a First Porsche

This First Porsche for the very young lacks the powerplant typical of the breed, as it is a pedal-powered go-kart – yet it is built by the famed automaker to set young drivers on the proper path.

Consequently, there will no discussions of horsepower, displacement, telematics and the like – the only displacement that matters here is how much water your kids displace in the bathtub.

It can provide self-mobility, the pride the name Porsche can inspire even in the very young, along with great exercise for today’s slightly heavier five-years olds as they begin to learn traffic safety at a very young age.

Trials are incomplete as yet, but we suspect speeds of up to six blocks per minute are possible on a single 16 ounce Slurpee!

The Go-Kart is part of the children's program of the Porsche Lifestyle Collection, featuring unique construction, based on Porsche Intelligence Performance, the kid-powered vehicle is five feet long and weighs a mere 55 pounds.

The number one on the side makes it clear to your children’s friends it’s only their First Porsche.

A serious vehicle, the First Porsche is made of high-end components normally used for bicycles. Lightweight composite wheel rims, with faux center locks, sport low profile, inflatable tires with tubes. A smart looking sport seat is included, plus both back-pedal and hand braking to enable maximum deceleration and, in this day and age, stunt driving. The only thing missing is a five-point harness.

The tubular steel frame makes the Porsche Driver's Selection Go-Kart (its proper name) suitable for kids up to 110 pounds and 5 feet tall.

Electric powered cars for kids have been the rage for years, but we’re thinking let kids start with a self-powered vehicle to get them exercising in a fun way and build confidence via familiarity with their own power.

This sturdy little Porsche needs no batteries and never has to plug in. It has a suggested price of $900 and can be ordered online, however it may not be available in all markets.

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