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Toyota provides Serenade a Mom for Mother's Day [video]

Toyota knows mariachi music can make magic moments for Hispanic moms and as many of their vehicles are sold to this growing demographic they are doing something very special for Mother’s Day via Serenade a Mom.
Posted: May 7, 2013 - 3:40PM
Author: Don Bain

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By going to the brand’s Latino Facebook page, visitors can set up a personalized Serenata para Mamá or Serenade a Mom performed by Mariachi Monumental de America.

We know quite a few Latina moms and cannot think of a single one whose corazón could not be melted by a handsome Mariachi in his professional finery introducing a lovely song specifically for her – even online.

To create this magic moment for your mom via a serenade by Mariachi Montumental, simply visit from your mobile device or desktop. Members of the band will ask you to “pick a song” and “give us a name.” You can then save it to select social media sites.

When the song is played for mom, one of the Mariachis will appear to announce the name of the song to be performed and dedicate it personally to your madre by name. Then the video of the band playing the song will commence.

Having created this tribute to la reina del lugar, it can be shared across social platforms such a Facebook and Twitter.

Toyota’s Serenata para Mamá will use the hashtag #paramamá and will be featured across all Toyota digital channels, including, Toyota in Action, Facebook and Twitter Toyota Latino, as well as other Toyota USA channels. The program was developed in collaboration with Conill, Toyota’s Hispanic marketing partner.

“We felt the serenade theme combined with social platforms struck the right chord between the world of today and Latino heritage,” said Conill Executive Creative Director Ross Ludwig. “It’s a great way of helping people express their feelings in an authentic way.”

Honda and Toyota rounded out the ethnic loyalty honors with corresponding wins in the Hispanic Market Loyalty to Make and Asian Market Loyalty to Make segments, in this year’s Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards.

We hope our amigos y amigas will take advantage of this Serenade a Mom opportunity from Toyota and enjoy the video of Mariachi Monumental de América playing Qué Bonita Amor.

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