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T3 Motion makes $309,000 Mexican ESV sale

We introduced you to T3 Motion, Inc., in April as one of the new companies competing to bring a wider array of electric passenger vehicles to the market. Today the producer of clean, green tech solutions announced a $309,000 order for their T3 Series Electric Stand-up Vehicles (ESV) to be supplied to law enforcement agencies and security companies in Mexico.
Posted: June 2, 2011 - 7:35PM
Author: Don Bain

T3 Motion has a long-standing partnership TSN (Telecomunicaciones y Servicios del Norte) as an exclusive distributor. The company has succeeded for over 20 years in the domain of high tech design, development and implementation of business solutions.

The T3 ESVs are currently used throughout Mexico by law enforcement and security concerns to fulfill security needs, including tourist safety in Acapulco and plaza security in Nuevo Laredo and Guadalajara.

“We are pleased with the high degree of demand for our clean-technology security vehicles in Mexico,” Ki Nam, CEO of T3 Motion noted. “With this successful reorder, TSN has become our top-selling and most successful distributor, selling over $1.2 Million of T3 Motion products in Mexico. This is another great example of how our company is excelling on both the domestic and international arenas.”

The ESV provides a low cost of operation, less than 10 cents per day, and two re-chargeable, interchangeable batteries. The T3 has 24/7 operation with unlimited range, a tight turning radius, a top speed of 15 mph (fast enough to quickly apprehend a four-minute-miler) and a 9-inch raised platform that provides a elevated vantage point – a true boon to police working in crowded areas.

Eduardo Velasquez Gonzalez, TSN director general stated, "Our ongoing successes in Mexico are exciting on many levels. Strong, durable, clean-energy security vehicles are few and far between on the ground here and the unique qualities by the T3 i-Series fulfill our customer's specific needs for their security initiatives."

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