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Electric Car Wars: new models, manufacturers vie for market penetration

Maryland-based Genovation Cars has announced the unveiling of its G2 plug-in electric car at the SAE 2011 World Congress in the Detroit Cobo Center April 12-14. Meanwhile across the nation T3 Motion has just completed the prototype of its Consumer Electric Vehicle, designated R3, and is displaying it at their headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA.
Posted: April 7, 2011 - 3:40PM
Author: Don Bain


Can this be the initial conception of what will one day lead to the fictional robots in George Lucas’ Star Wars?

Genovation Cars is working with Tata Technologies as an exhibitor. The Multi-national OEM will be the prime contractor on the design and development of the G2. Genovation will exhibit two quarter-scale models of the G2 along with a video animation of the auto at the event.

"We are very pleased to be participating with our partner Tata Technologies at the SAE World Congress," said Andrew Saul, Genovation Cars CEO. "We are using this event to unveil the design of our new G2 plug-in electric car and corresponding website as the SAE World Congress is the premier platform for the exhibition and sharing of new technologies relating to the automotive industry."

For Tata Technologies, the event serves to introduce their new Vehicle Program and Development (VPD) Division, with the G2 providing an example of their capabilities.

Tata has fabricated a cut-away model of the G2 for the show, prepared event-related marketing materials and designed a section of the firm's website dedicated to the project.

"The Tata Technologies team is excited to be playing a pivotal role in the design and development of the G2," said Kevin Fisher, Tata Technologies President - VPD. "We share the Genovation vision for the future of EV technology."

Genovation was founded in 2007 by Saul. Other top company executives include Robert Irby, Senior Executive for Manufacturing and Operations, and Steven Rogers, President and Chief Technology Officer.

"The G2 is designed to be easily maintained at the dealership level; as opposed to the many sophisticated hybrid cars available today from major manufacturers that require highly-trained factory supported teams to maintain certain parts of the technology," Saul said.

Genovation hopes to stand out from the pack by understanding and anticipating the requirements of its clientele – from suburban families to state and local governments or corporations needing a fleet of electric cars.

The website would lead one to believe the G2 will set a new standard in sustainability. It will feature a body fabricated from bamboo, flax seed and other natural fibers into the composite body panels of the vehicle. The frame will be 100 percent recycled steel. Flame resistant natural materials are planned for the interior. For more information click here.

A few steps ahead in California, T3 Motion has a working prototype available for inspection.

Previously known as the GT3, the R3 is a futuristic looking vehicle with a proprietary rear-wheel design (patent-pending) featuring a single, wide-stance wheel with two tires.

This revolutionary two-tire design allegedly improves traction, stability, and handling. The rounded profile of the rear tires is intended to produce low rolling resistance and increased energy efficiency.
To see a video of this vehicle click here.