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Scion planning the ultimate underground party in Cincinnati

Scion began as a brand aimed at youthful buyers, but over the years since the first Scion hit the streets, it has created a quasi-cult following of highly passionate believers of all ages, genders, races and creeds. This highly inclusive following will come together for the ultimate underground party in a half-mile, underground tunnel in downtown Cincinnati September 15.
Posted: September 12, 2012 - 1:53AM
Author: Don Bain


Scion Exposed is the proper name of the eighth annual event, which will feature everything from a car show to live music and skate parks. This ultimate underground party is highly likely to have something for everyone

Yes, this underground party really is below street level at 220 Central Avenue, between Third and W. Pete Rose Way, under the Second Street overpass in Cincinnati. The way to the entrance and Parking Lot A will be clearly marked.

This region of Cincinnati-based Scion and Toyota sales has been hosting such Scion Exposed events since 2004. The purpose of these day-long block parties is to allow Scion owners to come together with their family and friends in a stimulating environment where they can show off their vehicles and immerse themselves in Scion's unique cultural atmosphere.

"Hosting a literal underground party is a first for Scion," said Jamie Fox-Pettit, Regional Scion Manager. "The tunnel will provide our event with a true urban ambiance, in an environment large enough for thousands of guests to enjoy a variety of activities. We think this Scion Exposed event will be the best one yet."

Music plays a large part in the life of a Scion driver and this day-long celebration will follow in that vein. Scheduled acts include RjD2, Chairlift, Walshy Fire, DJ Etrayn, DAAP Girls and Archer's Paradox.

The event begins at noon and is opens to Scion owners only, followed by public admission at 2 p.m. This is very first time Scion has opened a Scion Exposed event to the general public but as we said earlier, it is a highly inclusive group. This FREE party runs until midnight, so don’t forget your Five Hour Energy or Red Bull – you just might need those wings.

All attendees are encouraged to RSVP online at