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Scion finally reveals the FR-S Sport Coupe Concept at NYIAS

It has been the subject of rumor and conjecture for the last couple years under a variety of names and designations. The Scion FR-S is something youthful car enthusiasts have been waiting for and today it was revealed at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) and will be on display through May 1.
Posted: April 20, 2011 - 4:35PM
Author: Don Bain


“Akio Toyoda has mentioned he is going to bring the fun-to-drive spirit back to Toyota,” Hollis said. “I know that the Scion FR-S Concept is one of the ways that he plans to accomplish that.”

The FR-S Concept (which stands for Front-engine, Rear-wheel drive, Sport) is Scion’s redefinition of an authentic rear-wheel-drive sports car complete with balanced performance, versatile utility and unexpected fuel economy.

“Scion is always experimenting with new things,” said Jack Hollis, Scion vice president. “The brand is iconic with the xB, adrenalized by the tC, and groundbreaking with the iQ. The FR-S will expand the brand into yet another new dimension that I know it is truly destined for.”

The FR-S can trace its lineage back through cars like the Toyota 2000GT, MR-2, Celica All Trac Turbo, Supra Turbo and its first cousin, once removed, the AE86 Corolla, or hachi-roku (86) in Japanese.

The AE86 didn’t rely on pure horsepower, but rather on a combination of light weight, appropriate power and measured balance. It made its mark in almost every kind of racing from grip to drift and from there to mountain rallies.

“Although this concept arrives here more than 25 years later… and doesn’t share a single common part… the spirit and the heritage of the AE86 has trickled down into every single detail of this FR-S Concept,” Hollis continued.

The FR-S has an innovative naturally-aspirated boxer engine incorporating Toyota’s D4-S injection system, which combines both direct and port injection for increased horsepower and torque throughout the tachometer range, without sacrificing fuel economy. The motor is coupled to either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

The concept of pure balance is taken further by the lightweight design and short wheelbase. This combination gives the car quick and nimble cornering, exciting maneuverability and reassuring stability.

The FR-S has a solid panel roofline slotted with a shape that channels air cleanly over to the top. The front fenders bulge upward to make room for the monoblock, five-fingered 20x8.5-inch front wheels, while the wide, buffed-up rear fenders house the 20x10.5-inch wheels, creating a staggered stance for the rear-wheel-drive coupe.

Four-piston-caliper front brakes on monstrous 18-inch annular carbon ceramic matrix rotors fixed to the wheels in motorcycle-fashion, assure quick stops to compliment the FR-S rocket-like launches and inertia-defying agility.

“The FR-S Concept is a serious sports coupe offering performance that hard-core driving fanatics can only find in a rear-wheel drive, Hollis concluded. While only a concept… the FR-S shows what is possible with Scion owners’ creativity and easy ability to personalize. It’s a vehicle that will inspire a new model coming to market next year.”