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Nissan's videophiles may see their Versa Note shorts on national TV

Nissan knows how to market the new Versa Note to its intended demographic, notably among the young, urban and active, who will use the second generation of the aerodynamically sculpted hatchback not only to go places, but also to access the life experiences of their dreams.
Posted: July 11, 2013 - 5:35PM
Author: Don Bain

These young videophiles are adept at taking short video clips to document and share their passions and escapades, so Nissan is encouraging them to do just that with short clips of to what and where the 2014 Versa Note may take them, plus the adventures thus enabled.

The contest is called Your Door To More and six smartphone videographers will win $1,000 gift cards from to further the fervent pursuit of those passions. Of the six winners, three short clips will be chosen to be part of a Nissan TV ad to promote the Versa Note yet this year.

"Cars don't just take us places. They help us chase dreams, seek adventure, and enjoy life to the fullest," said Jon Brancheau, vice president, Marketing, Nissan North America. "We want to celebrate that freedom and the creativity it can inspire."

To enter the contest, participants simply post a six-to-15 second video on Vine or Instagram about what they love, including at least one Versa Note cutout, adding the #VersaVid hashtag.

The contest is already open and details about the contest can be found at, including sample videos and a printable kit containing cutout versions of the Versa Note. The competition is open until midnight Eastern Time on August 5.

Delivering a combination of versatility, technology and value, the 2014 Versa Note features best-in-class fuel economy, at an EPA rated 40 mpg, and total interior volume, as defined by AutoPacifica.

As a vehicle that’s kid friendly, yet comfortable for adults, the Versa Note endeavors to take owners, along with their friends and family, anywhere their passions drive them. That's in addition to providing a door to more of what they love, wherever or whatever that may be.

Some writers seem to forget how empowering affordable geographic mobility is to the young – so we’ll try to avoid that lapse of understanding.

You go, young videophiles!