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New bi-fuel system allows propane to burn in diesel engines

Posted: April 27, 2011 - 11:50AM
Author: Don Bain
Icom North America, a pioneer in alternate fuel systems, is taking the economy and environmental benefits of a liquid-injection propane system to diesel-powered vehicles this year. The company's new JTG-Dynamic System, revealed at a recent National Propane Gas Association convention in Atlanta, enables vehicles to run on either diesel fuel or a 50/50 mixture of liquid-injected propane and diesel fuel.


"Our innovative JTG-Dynamic System will provide vehicle owners with more power, more torque and improved efficiency along with huge fuel-cost savings and lower emissions," says Icom's CEO Ralph Perpetuini.

With Icom's JTG-Dynamic System, a driver has the choice of running either the propane/diesel dual-fuel mode or just the original diesel mode. No modifications are made to the vehicle's engine so it runs unchanged in the diesel mode. In the dual-fuel mode the Icom ICU controls and monitors the engine.

The system is installed on diesel injection engines with specific programming for each engine platform. Icom currently offers systems configured for International DT466 and Cummins 11.9 engine families, with more engine platforms under development.

"Our new system is an all-around winner for diesel fleets," notes Albert Venezio, chairman of Icom North America. "For owners, it dramatically reduces operating costs because propane is cheaper than diesel and has a 50-cents-per-gallon alternative fuel-tax credit. For the environment, it reduces emissions. For the national economy it helps to reduce petroleum imports because propane is mostly U.S. sourced.

"The JTG-Dynamic system is a breakthrough technology and the only system for diesels that injects liquid propane, not vapor. It expands the applications of Icom's JTG bi-fuel system, which is now powering more than 120,000 vehicles worldwide with the ability to run on either liquid-injected propane or gasoline."

Jasper Alternate Fuels, a division of Jasper Engines & Transmissions of Jasper, Ind., will be the first to install the JTG-Dynamic System on diesel vehicles. Jasper has over 55 installation centers across the U.S. to perform both LPG and CNG conversions on vehicles.

"The industry has been looking for a unit like this that can provide an increase in power and torque plus a 50 percent reduction in diesel-fuel expenses," says Ed Zoglman, manager of the Jasper Alternate Fuels Division. "Our customers are looking for fuel savings and cleaner emissions. This system has both."

About Icom North America, LLC
Founded in 2004, Icom North America, LLC, is a leading alternative fuel systems pioneer. It manufactures, assembles, and distributes the patented Icom JTG Liquid Injection Propane System, JTG-Dynamic Propane/Diesel System and additional Icom products. They include the proprietary Icom toroidal and cylindrical propane tank for commercial and passenger OEM as well as aftermarket vehicles in North America and selected other markets.

About Jasper
Based in Jasper, Ind., Jasper Alternate Fuels was created in the early 1990s to combine power and energy needs with cleaner burning fuels. It offers alternative fuel systems for vehicle fleets of any size. Parent company Jasper Engines & Transmissions is the nation's largest mass remanufacturing company of drivetrain products with three facilities along with 40 branch locations and over 1,600 associates.