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LoJack unveils new long-life, ultra-covert, anti-theft system

LoJack, the company whose name is practically synonymous with Stolen Vehicle Recovery, has just released a new anti-theft system with a self-contained seven-year battery.
Posted: February 7, 2012 - 12:32AM
Author: Don Bain

This means the unit does not need to be connected to any outside power source, in fact it needs no external wiring at all, allowing it to be installed in many more self-mobile or towable devices than ever before.

So now the same Radio Frequency-based tracking system your car uses, can be added to construction equipment such as forklifts, backhoes or towable solar road sign units and even boats, trailers, lawn tractors and all sorts of commercial vehicles.

The managed battery power system is guaranteed for seven years and the lack of wiring means the LoJack box can be installed in any number of places on a vehicle or piece of equipment. The result is an anti-theft system much more difficult to detect by thieves.

This next generation Stolen Vehicle Recovery System for construction equipment and commercial vehicles was revealed today at the American Rental Association's Rental Show in New Orleans, LA.

"We developed this new LoJack System in response to our customers, who have been asking for a recovery solution that will protect a broader array of equipment. Our certified installers will be able to hide our new self-powered system in more places, which will make it that much more difficult for even the savviest professional thieves to detect," said Courtney DeMilio, Senior Director of National Commercial Sales, LoJack Corporation.

"We are excited to be to providing this self-powered platform to the commercial industry, which has proven to be highly effective in protecting cars, SUVs and light trucks. This customized, ruggedized system has passed the highest level of testing with flying colors, enabling us to do what we do best – protecting equipment, vehicles and businesses from the financial losses due to theft – only now we are doing it even better."

Certain OEMs are already installing the new anti-theft system on their new equipment at the factory, cleverly camouflaging it to look just like part of the equipment, enhancing its deterrent value even more.

How the LoJack System Works
The new LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System for construction and commercial equipment and vehicles makes use of a small wireless radio transceiver hidden out of sight in one of many potential places on a vehicle or piece of equipment. The company provides Police Tracking Computers (PTCs) for installation in police cars, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft used by local law enforcement. When property is reported stolen, the product’s identification number is matched to the LoJack registration number by the enforcement computers. The LoJack device is automatically activated, causing the hidden transmitter to emit a detectible signal. Law enforcement vehicles and aircraft equipped with LoJack PTCs follow the signal directly to the location of the purloined asset, even underground, in garages, barns or deeply wooded areas.

Thanks to the LoJack System over 4,000 LoJack-equipped stolen construction assets worth nearly $125 million have been recovered since 2000, when the system was introduced. This isn’t counting other stolen equipment recovered nearby in chop shops and theft rings that weren’t equipped with the system

All together, the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System has been instrumental in locating over 300,000 stolen vehicles worldwide – worth nearly $4 billion – since its invention more than 25 years ago.

Installing the anti-theft system in equipment or commercial vehicles is a one-time price of $795, which includes installation and no monthly subscription or other fees whatsoever.

Not a bad deal for a little extra peace of mind.