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Audi fielding five new models for 2012

The auspicious German automaker is filling out its line of high-end sedans with the A6 and A7, adding a W12 engine to the A8 – one of the most technologically advanced cars on the planet, redefining their RS high performance line with the TT RS and putting the R8 GT in weight training for a lighter, higher output experience. Having set U.S. sales record in 2011, the new year looks so bright, Audi execs no doubt HAVE to wear shades.
Posted: July 19, 2011 - 2:39PM
Author: Don Bain

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As previously alluded to, in 2012 the brand will introduce the ultimate A8 model line featuring the new A8 L W12. The powerful 12-cylinder engine accelerates with ease and offers incredible refinement, which is not to say the 4.2 FSI direct injection 372 hp engine that comes standard does not. The interior provides an unforgettable experience for rear-seat passengers thanks executive seating and highly impressive technology for the progressive business owner or executive – or the Jason Statham-style “no names, no questions” Transporter.

The all-new and exquisitely designed A7 creates a new category of luxury vehicles with its coupe-like roofline and an added rear hatch.
The distinctive design and performance of the new A6 enthusiastically invigorates the mid-sized luxury sedan segment.

The Audi A8 and Q7 are updated with the available Audi connect system, which provides the 3D terrain and topology of Google Earth, Google Local Search and a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight passenger devices.

The arrival of the playfully distinguished Audi TT RS begins the re-launch of RS performance models for the brand in the U.S.

Meanwhile the R8 GT captivates collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Simultaneously, several other models have received option package changes providing greater value.

Having recently driven the A4, A7, A8 and Q7 thanks to the RMDE, we can only say the inroads Audi made during 2011 in the American market may look like child’s play as the next few years unfold.

Audi is an auto manufacturer on the fast track to blinding success. When you go to the showroom, don’t forget your shades.

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