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Why the Mazda Miata Makes a Great Vintage Racer

Spec Miatas make for great race cars. In other news, the sun rises in the east.
Posted: May 15, 2017 - 4:05PM
Author: Tim Healey

OK, OK, we all know that spec Miatas are a great choice for the hobbyist who wants to learn how to race without breaking the bank. They’re easy to find on the market, and the first-generation car, with its 1.6-liter engine (Mazda bumped the size up to 1.8 liters in 1994) is now old enough to be considered “vintage” by many sanctioning bodies.

Good News for New Racecar Drivers

That will be a piece of welcome news to anyone who’d like to get started in racing. Thanks to their easy availability and initially low sticker price, Mazda Miatas are still inexpensive to buy. And getting the proper parts and safety equipment for racing shouldn’t be too expensive – or too hard – for most folks, either.

With summer racing season coming up, you might want to start hitting up Craigslist, AutoTrader, and eBay for first-gen Miatas now. By the time you find a car and make the purchase, and perhaps get a trailer, spare tires, and the appropriate safety gear, it will be track time.

Miata Continues to Make for Great Racer

The Miata has always been praised for its lightweight and balance, and it’s not overpowered. All of this makes it a great track car for beginners, and with the first cars now being classified as vintage, the cost of entry will be even lower – although not free, as you’ll still need to fork over track fees and get the correct license.

It’s no shock that Mazda Miata makes a great beginner track car, but with it aging into vintage territory, it’s now even a better choice.