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Tuned Miata Looks Ready to Rumble

Tuners change the looks of a car a lot. Just ask the folks behind the Aimgain Mazda Miata.
Posted: July 10, 2017 - 6:29PM
Author: Tim Healey

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The Japanese-built Aimgain tuner has a wide-body stance and a mean look. Fender flares are attached to the stock Miata body, and the front bumper is adorned with a large splitter. A big diffuser attaches to the rear. A large rear spoiler helps complete the look.

Air Suspension

Wheels are extra-wide alloys and low-profile tires are mounted on them. The car looks like a cross between a racer and the type of tuned machine you see at countless car shows.

Upon first glance, you may wonder how this car can handle bumps. That’s because it can sit as low as a few sixteenths of an inch of the ground. But an adjustable air suspension allows it to be raised to a ride height that’s about the same as the standard Miata’s. And somehow, the extra components that suspension requires – components including the air tanks – are made to fit into the Miata’s already small trunk.

What's Under the Hood?

It’s unclear what’s under the hood – but if it’s a stock motor and you want more power, that’s not hard to do, as there are plenty of Miata tuners out there who will drop in an engine that offers more power. Flyin’ Miata is one of those, and it offers an engine with up to 525 horsepower.

It’s no shock that a tuner is working on the popular Miata – it’s just that this particular model looks like it’s ready for a streetfight. That’s a little different than the typical Miata image, but the folks who’d buy this car won’t care.

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