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Tesla Model S Vs The Chevy Bolt EV Video Review

The Tesla Model S and Chevy Bolt EV may have similarities and differences in many different areas, but which comes out as the best overall electric vehicle?

Both the Tesla and the Chevy Bolt are lining up for the Motor Trend Car of the Year, which Tesla Seized the crown for in 2013. Although at different price points there are many valid similarities such as driving experience, regenerative braking, infotainment systems and driver assistance as discussed in the accompanying video.

Tesla Model S
The model S is clearly aimed at a more luxurious and high-end EV buyer, with a range of upgrades extending its range and options. Like the rest of the electric vehicle community, Tesla are continually working on extending the range and dropping the price of their vehicles. Used Model S vehicles are starting to become more numerous, which means potential owners could have a 350 mile range vehicle with Ludicrous mode for the top version P100D, giving you a 0 - 60 time in 2.5 seconds. Other upgrades such as the 48 amp on-board charger, providing quick charging are one of the ongoing benefits. Tesla also love letting the world know about their constant upgrades and you can't help but see the company and their vehicles as pushing the boundaries in this market, which make the vehicles ever more appealing.

The Tesla is clearly aimed at a higher price point and a more luxurious market, but the Model 3 may change all of that when released to give a more affordable level of Tesla luxury.

Chevy Bolt EV
The Chevy Bolt is an altogether different offering. Still all electric with a reasonable amount of tech. from the interior and giving a 238 mile range. You also get brake assisted charging, but the main takeaway from the Chevy Bolt is an affordable electric vehicle with a decent amount of range, which is probably the best in its class. This means that the Chevy Bolt will hit more of the masses and retain much of the market until the Model 3 emerges.

There are a lot of opinions on both vehicles, but the Tesla is ultimately a more desirable item, but you will obviously have to pay more for that desirability. For those with the funds and those wanting more performance will inevitably go for a Tesla over a GM EV.

The video goes into quite a bit of detail about different aspects of the two vehicles such as range, interior comparisons, charging and features. The main takeaway is that the Chevy Bolt is great for short distance driving, with reasonable equipment, not loads but adequate cargo space. Essentially great for the family car owner who wants an electric vehicle with reasonable range, but decent price point. The Tesla on the other hand is a pricey affair, but has better performance and ultimately more 'want' value and that's what sets it apart.