Tesla model 3

Tesla Model 3 Spotted Out In The Wild

A Tesla Model 3 prototype has been spotted cruising up and down the highway.

There are plenty of images swimming around online of what the new Tesla model 3 will look like, but it's not very often a video comes up showing one been tested out on the highway. The guys at Unplugged Performance managed to capture this Model 3 prototype being tested on the roads as lucky for them they are located near Tesla's design studio.

They say that in the background you can see the SpaceX Hyperloop test track, but the main feature here is obviously the model 3 which although blends in nicely to the rest of the vehicle landscape it still stands out with its silver exterior and clear lack of front grille. Presumably, we will be seeing more spy shots of the Model 3 out about as it ramps up for production at the end of the year.

Comments on the video up to now obviously have a few dissenters, but many remark on the good looks of the vehicle and how it stands out from the crowd.

Tesla are currently under pressure to silence critics and make sure that the model 3 is ready for sale on time. Volume deliveries are expected in the second half of 2017 and with Tesla's track record for delivery schedules, the doubters may have a point. However, with much of the testing having been done already for the model 3, Tesla may just be able to answer back when they hit their deadlines.

The Gigafactory and Fremont production plants are already underway, producing the battery cells for the model 3 and with these completed prototypes being spotted on the road, it may just look like Tesla will hit their targets in time.

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