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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Solves Our Traffic Problems With Tunnels Under Los Angeles

Tesla CEO and visionary Elon Musk may just have the solution for traffic problems with plans to start tunnelling and building underground traffic networks to ease congestion he stated in a recent Tweet.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has been contemplating this move since December past when he said that traffic congestion was 'soul-destroying' and said on another Tweet that, 'Traffic is driving me nuts.' 'I am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging.' At first it may seemed an off-the-cuff comment, but the recent Tweet below seems that plans are now in place.

Musk said that he was going to produce a boring machine and start digging very soon, but it seems city planners haven't given him the permission or go ahead as yet with the project. The plan is to start tunnelling near the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles, just down the road from LAX, but some Twitter users have worried about earthquakes affecting the tunnel with the response coming back with, 'Earthquakes tend to have the biggest effect on the surface, like waves on water. That’s why LA can have a (lame, but getting better) subway.'

It's unclear at this stage if the project will be given the go-ahead or if it will ultimately reduce traffic congestion, but you have to at least hand it to the man for putting the idea out there and attempting the project, but with the plans to start tunneling in around a month will soon tell us if the project has been given the go-ahead or not. There are obviously numerous problems ahead, with the likes of the 'Big Dig' tunneling project in Boston costing $15 billion and the Highway 99 Seattle project having a two-year delay, it seems The Boring Company will definitely have its work cut out, literally. The news doesn't seem to have affected Tesla shares that much with them closing on Thursday at $252.51, down only 0.8%.

In other Tesla news the former director of Tesla Motors Autopilot program is being sued with the accusation of him taking away confidential reports on the driver assist program and trying to hire former employees for a new company. Sterling Anderson started up a new company called Aurora Innovation LLC before leaving Tesla last December with Tesla now seeking to barr any use of Tesla technology, which relates to their self driving. Aurora reacted to the claim by saying, 'Tesla’s meritless lawsuit reveals both a startling paranoia and an unhealthy fear of competition,' and 'This abuse of the legal system is a malicious attempt to stifle a competitor and destroy personal reputations. Aurora looks forward to disproving these false allegations in court and to building a successful self-driving business.'

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