Tesla CEO Elon Musk Rewards Brave Drive After Autobahn Incident

A heroic Tesla model S owner who recently stopped another vehicle with the rear of his car from causing untold damage is now being rewarded for his bravery.

As we reported earlier in the week, ManFred Kick used the rear of his Tesla model S to slow down a Volkswagen Passat he had spotted when the driver of the VW had become unconscious. Mr. Kick manoeuvred his Tesla in front of the VW and slowed down the vehicle with the rear of his car, stopping what could have been a potentially huge accident on the road.

Once the VW eventually stopped, Kick climbed into the vehicle to give first aid and was eventually helped by passers-by and emergency services you were quick onto the scene. It was only later that Kick learnt that the driver of the VW had suffered a stroke which caused his unconsciousness. The whole incident could have been a lot worse if Kick have not responded so quickly and sacrificed at least the rear of his car, which was obviously going to be expensive to fix.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk got wind of the story and posted on Twitter that Tesla would pay for the costs of repair.

Musk congratulated Kick's quick reactions to the incident and said that he would have the peace of mind that all repair costs would be free of charge. This obviously must be great news for Kick as it doesn't just reward his bravery, but he now has the peace of mind that costly repairs to an expensive Tesla vehicle will now cost him nothing.

Although technically Kick's vehicle did purposefully crash into another, it will be a formality by the German police to recognise that the Tesla in fact stopped a potential major pileup and possibly save the life of the VW driver. Respect all round for Tesla and Kick.

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