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Lucid Motors Air Could Be Better Priced Than Tesla Model S

Lucid Motors Air could undercut the equivalent Tesla Model S vehicle in price when released.

Lucid Motors unveiled their Air vehicle last December, showing off a futuristic and luxurious car and just like Tesla could achieve supercar times with the highest tech. The Ev's details were not released at the time, but now we have a good idea of pricing what you will get for the money.

Lucid Air vs Tesla Model S Price
First accounts pointed out the Lucid being around $100,000, but now it turns out that starting prices will be at $52,500, not including the $7,500 Federal tax credit applied to all electric vehicles. If you compare this to the base model Tesla model S, which starts at $68,000 before any incentives the Lucid Air seems quite appealing on the surface.

The Air will be a rear wheel drive vehicle with a 298 kW output and a 240 mile range. This is in comparison to the Tesla, which offers 210 mile range. The Air should also sport all the hardware necessary for self driving, but there are no details as yet to how this configuration will be in the end product and if it will be standard on all vehicles.

Mirroring Tesla with different battery options and range, the Air can be upgraded to a 350 mile or 400 mile range capacity and a twin motor powertrain Launch Edition which is expected to deliver 746 kW/1,000HP and a 315 mile range which means that it will be competing performance wise with the likes of Ferrari and McLaren. The ramp up of upgrades will also feature fully active suspension, 21 inch wheels, upgrades to the interior materials like expanded leather trim, 22 way adjustable front seats and a more feature rich, 29 speaker audio system.

Just like the Tesla, the Lucid Air will have a front trunk and 32 cu. ft of total storage space, giving the vehicle a mix of luxury family transport with performance car specifications. The interior will be just as high-tech as the Tesla with screens for all the cars information and a 10 speaker audio system as standard. It is likely that the car will also have over the airwaves software updates, most likely to fully equip the autonomous functionality of the vehicle.

There is no pricing for the upgraded options or even the Launch Edition or even if the vehicle will eventually see the light of day, but if all goes to plan for the company they could definitely have a Tesla competitor which will also have a face warping powertrain option at the top of that list.

Other top end EV manufacturers like Faraday Futures and LeEco also plan to have feature rich, supercar killing EV models in the pipeline, but their concepts all seem a long way off with the Lucid Air the potential closest to making its final production with a possible launch in 2018. If Lucid Motors can get a car into production at the price point they state on their website, they could just have a challenger in the EV market, but until that happens, it looks like Tesla have the upper hand at least for the moment.

Update: Lucid Motors just announced delivery of Lucid Air vehicles with a date.

You can find more details about the Lucid Air here.