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VW Recalls 45,000 2018 Tiguans To Replace LED Lighting Unit

Volkswagen has recalled 45,000 2018 Tiguans to replace an ambient light LED unit. The unit is located within the panoramic windroof.

Volkswagen has recalled about 45,000 2018 three-row Tiguans for a problem with an LED lighting unit. It seems that an LED ambient light unit, which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has said can catch fire, has forced the callback.

A New Design Replaced Faulty Units

According to the agency, VW built the affected crossovers between Dec. 8, 2016, and July 7, 2018. At that time, the automaker introduced a new design for the LED light unit. VW located the problem in the vehicle’s headliner.

The Tiguans are among the automaker’s redesigned and lengthened crossovers. The models, equipped with panoramic moonroofs, were restyled and released a year ago as part of the automaker’s attempt at cracking a very lucrative and hot part of the market. Since their appearance, the 2018 Tiguans have been selling briskly. They and the three-row, Chattanooga-built Atlas have made up more than 40 percent of the VW’s monthly sales here, according to monthly figures. VW To Phase Out Tiguan Limited

To temporarily fix the problem, VW dealers have been instructed to make a quick fix. It is disconnecting the ambient light LED unit and then sealing it with a piece of aluminum tape. The fix will remain until there’s a final fix. When the fix is in place, expected sometime this month, VW will contact affected owners and tell them to have the unit replaced. Recall notices are supposed to go out in September.

Problem Related To High Humidity

In its recall filing with the government, VW attributed the problem to high humidity within the vehicle. The moisture is caused by:

  1. Ambient weather
  2. Leaving the sunroof open in the rain

The recall doesn’t affect the older design-based 2018 Tiguan Limited. (refer VW said it first became award for the problem in April 2017, but it wasn’t aware of the fire-related issue until May. At that time, a California 2018 Tiguan owners reported a fire.

The NHTSA said, about this filing that, vehicle “occupants may notice a burning odor or smoke coming from the front of the sunroof frame.”

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