VW plans to embed 5th generation onnectivity in its upcoming I.D. electric vehicles
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VW To Embed 5th Gen Connectivity On Upcoming I.D. Electrics

Volkswagen plans to embed 5G (fifth gen) connectivity in its upcoming line of I.D. electrics. The hatchback model was unveiled at last year's Paris Auto Show, while the 2025 MPV-style microvan -- styled like the original iconic Microbus -- was unveiled at this month's Detroit Auto Show. An SUV arrives in 2022.

If you have been watching electronics closely lately, you probably have heard a new term 5G or 5th Generation. The term refers to what some in the industry are calling a revolution in connectivity.
Volkswagen, in fact, has jumped aboard the 5G bandwagon, planning to equip its upcoming I.D. electric vehicles with connectivity based on the standard.

Indeed, there is increasing pressure to speed the deployment of 5G services to support V2V, V2X and V2I connectivity. V2V stands for Vehicle to Vehicle and V2I is Vehicle to the Internet. V2X is Vehicle To Everything. Safety officials have begun pushing for the quicker deployment of V2V capability to provide better protection for vehicles. The auto industry hopes to promote V2I service to provide more and better connectivity to the internet and V2X for better overall connectivity.

Volkswagen has plans to equip its three already-announced electric vehicles, based on the I.D. concept shown at October’s Paris Auto show, with 5G services when they debut. A hatchback will debut in 2020; an SUV will appear shortly after, and the line rounds out with a Microbus-style MPV in 2025.

VW has extensive experience with connectivity issues. The automaker began embedding features four years ago. During that time, the automaker has turned out vehicles equipped 2.1 million vehicles with connectivity features that enhance safety and comfort. The number is expected to grow exponentially thanks to high-speed over-the-air networks that will continuously process data inputs in real time.

“All future solutions for individual mobility rely on the ability to handle significant amounts of data inside and outside the car,” Volkmar Tanneberger, chief of VW’s electronics development unit. The key is 5G. It is “the enabling technology to accommodate big data, enhance the user experience and transform the transportation system as a whole.”

He spoke at a keynote session held by Qualcomm, which used the show to debut its flagship processor, the Snapdragon 835. Qualcomm plans to roll out the Snapdragon about mid-year.

Source: Automotive News

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