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VW Continues Its August Sales Success With 235,673 Vehicles Moved

Volkswagen continued the eight-month momentum it has established this year as its sales were more than 235,000. Led by the new Jetta and its SUVs, Tiguan and Atlas, the automaker posted gains in its month-to-month and year-to-date figures.
Posted: September 4, 2018 - 10:32PM
Author: Marc Stern

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With sales from most manufacturers off a bit in August, Volkswagen is undoubtedly one happy automaker as it not only reported single-month sales were up, but it also said that its year-to-year sales were up fully seven percent over a year ago. And, the automaker also stated that for the first time, it had delivered more than 100,000 sport-utility vehicles.

Month-to-Month Sales Up 1 Percent

For the month, VW of America (VWoA) reported that sales had increased by about one percent, compared to a year ago. Sales totaled 32,255 units. And, year to date sales of 235,673 vehicles, were up about 7 percent over last year.

Another piece of exciting news came on the Jetta front. Just last month the revised Jetta went on sale and sales totaled more than 10,000 units for August. According to the carmaker, it is the best single month for any VW vehicle this year.

And, in another first, the automaker reported that with its sales of Tiguan and Atlas, the automaker had sold more than 100,000 sports utility vehicles in a single year. It is the first time that this has happened. Interestingly, nearly half of VWoA sales through August were SUVs. Sales of the Chattanooga-built three-row Atlas, an SUV, totaled 4,054 units, while the automaker delivered 7,291 2018 Tiguan models.

VW Is One Happy Automaker

Suffice it to say, Volkswagen officials were happy with this turn of events. Derrick Hatami, VWoA’s executive veep of sales, marketing and after sales, said the automaker was “happy to see the all-new Jetta grain traction, with sales topping 10,000 (10,595) units this month.”

He continued by saying the new Jetta features a bolder design and more interior space were “developed specifically for the American market (much the same as Atlas), so it’s encouraging to see it gain momentum.”
Further, he noted that VW was able to add technology without raising costs, so the automaker was “ensured that the Jetta remains a tremendous value to customers.”

He continued that the carmaker believes the “customer focus” will work “across the lineup, as our two new SUVs, Atlas and Tiguan, are also tailored for this market and are driving our growth this year.”

Strong Warranty Becomes Sales Tool

Volkswagen is happy that its 6/72 bumper-to-bumper warranty available. Further, it notes that the warranty is transferable to new customers over the life of the warranty. The warranty has been called American’s best car and SUV warranty. Meantime, the e-Golf carries an eight-year, 100,000-mile limited system warrant on its battery, while the rest of the vehicle has a 3/36 new-car warranty.

Source: VW

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