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Tiguan-Buying May Be Serious, But You Can Still Laugh A Bit

Here's a tongue-in-cheek tool that should help you with your Tiguan-buying trips, although, you may find that even if it doesn't help all that much, you'll have a good laugh, as well.

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Unless you need to buy a car today, the chances are good that you are going to take your time and figure out exactly which model is right for you. Where do you get information? You can obtain it from Kelley Blue Book or or Edmunds. There’s also Consumer Reports and Carfax (if you are farther along in the buying process).

A ‘Decision Tree’ Played For Laughs

Many people, though, probably wish they had a way to track their car-buying decisions so they can be sure they make the right choice. Now, in the computer business, for many years, they have used a “decision tree” to make sure that a program does the right thing. And, now, VW Parts Vortex is offering a “decision tree” to help you determine whether or not the VW Tiguan is right for you.

Using a series of yes/no questions, the VW Parts Vortex helps you determine whether the SUV is the right vehicle. The tree displays the questions in a graphic. Okay, the “decision tree” isn’t as serious as some might like. There are points where it is downright sarcastic, but, it does get its point across – car-buying solutions, while serious, can also be fun.

“When it’s time to decide the question, ‘Is the Tiguan right for me?’ shoppers need all the resources they can get,” Rocco DeMas, director of the Parts Vortex, said. “While the idea behind this graphic is sarcastic, there is still value in asking the real questions about a vehicle purchase, and we’re happy to provide that, especially if it comes out with a laugh.”

Serious And Not-So-Serious Questions

Don’t be surprised if you are laughing your way through the tree by the time you have answered at least one question. There’s just no way around the fact that VW Parts Vortex, while they had a serious objective, played it for laughs. A sampling of the questions should show this:

  • Do you think a turbo whistle is a good thing?
  • Do you see value in a third row?
  • Do you like standing out in a parking lot full of RAV4s and CRVs?

DeMas continued that the “reviews are in. The 2019 Tiguan has a lot of great premium features and tons of space.” This makes the three-row, compact SUV a “great family car that’s also fun to drive.”

“We’d guess most people would like a Tiguan,” said DeMas. “Unless, of course, they like to races on the weekend” or don’t appreciate really good “German engineering.”

Founded in 2006, VW Parts Vortex is a leading retailer of auto parts and accessories. To learn more, you can visit the Volkswagen Parts Vortex website.

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Source: VW Parts Vortex

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