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Porsche Verifies Mission E Cross Turismo Will Be Built

Last March, Porsche gave some rather large hints that the Mission E Cross lineup would include a Turismo model. That was confirmed during a meeting of top members of the automaker's executive ranks. The new vehicle will reportedly have a 3.2-second 0 to 62 time and a top speed north of 155 mph.
Posted: October 21, 2018 - 12:57PM
Author: Marc Stern

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You do have to give it to Porsche and Audi – in fact, the entire Volkswagen organization – in knowing how to tease vehicles. For example, just this weekend, the Audi went through another round of teases on it E-Tron GT, first rumored last spring. And, now, it’s Porsche’s turn to tease about vehicles.

Porsche Teases Another Possible Use For Taycan Platform

Late last week, for example, at the same time that Porche confirmed it is putting the Mission E Cross Turismo into production, there was the release of several spy shots that focused on what could be a Porsche Shooting Brake (wagon). Spy Shots Hint At Porsche Shooting Brake. The shots looked as if the Shooting Brake was off the Taycan platform. Or, the shots may have been hiding any offroad clues found on the E Cross Turismo. It is tough to tell when you aren’t on the inside. However, since we weren’t, we speculated on what we saw.

Meantime, here’s more on the Mission E Cross Turismo. As noted, the board of directors gave the Turismo the greenlight for production. The go-ahead confirmed spates of rumors earlier this year that discussed the Mission E Cross Turismo. The new model will reportedly be available in 2021.

Much of what we know about the Mission E Cross Turismo floated around in the rumor-mill during last March’s Geneva Auto show. Porsche Shoots For 2021 Marketing. For example, we do know that the new model is an electric wagon. However, the Turismo will have better off-road capability. The powerteam consists of a pair of electric motors that puts out more than 600 horsepower (440 kilowatts).

Potential Top Speed North Of 155

This bodacious capability should mean the Mission E Cross Turismo can hurtle from 0 to 62 (100 kph) in 3.5 seconds. Top speed should be north of 155 mph (250 kph). More Details Available About Planned Mission E Cross Turismo

Also, since the Turismo uses the automaker’s 800-volt architecture, it can be fast-charged. This means that this vehicle, whose normal range is 310 miles (500 kilometers) can have renewed its batteries so that it can travel another 62 miles (100 kilometers) in just four minutes with the charger hooked up.

To make the new vehicle, Porsche plans on hiring an additional 300 employees for its workforce. They will join another 1,200 jobs the automaker is creating to build the Taycan, starting next year.

Sources: Motor1, Porsche

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