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Porsche has great February; sales up 20.5 percent

Porsche continues its strong sales performance in Feb.

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There’s an old saying about there being an exception to every rule. Well, here’s an interesting coincidence that goes back a couple of years. About two years ago, analysts noted that sales of what used to be the auto industry’s bread-and-butter models – family and luxury midsized sedans – had slowed.

Porsche has proven to be the exception

At the same time, though, sales of crossovers and SUVs began to take off. Indeed, the crossover market has proven so hot that it has driven automakers like Volkswagen to successful sales months even though sales of the majority of its car lines have fallen off. With that said, and remembering the saying, Porsche has proven to be the exception.

For the second month in a row this year, Porsche has recorded an impressive sales increase. Its mix of vehicles includes cars and crossovers. Granted the name is Porsche so that probably has more than a little to do with it, but, it still shows that even old sayings work, sometimes.

Specifically, Porsche sales for February were up a healthy and hefty 20.5 percent from a year ago, while overall sales for the first two months of the year were up 11.6 percent over the same time last year. Demand for the Porsche 911 was up 40.4 percent year over year with 775 deliveries. Meantime, sales of the Boxster and Cayman grew 37.5 percent for the same period.

Klaus Zellmer, president and chief exec of Porsche North America, enthused that the automaker’s “February sales were boosted by strong demand for our two-door sports cars and we showed impressive double-digit growth versus the same period last year.”

CPO sales continue their upward trend

Interestingly, while sales of new vehicles were solid, so were sales of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles were also strong, up 20.1 percent over the same period last year to 1,714 cars.

Here’s a line-by-line look at Porsche sales:

  • 911 – February: 2018, 775; 2017, 552; year to date: 2018, 1,628; 2017, 1,366
  • 718 (Boxster, Cayman) – February: 2018, 448; 2017, 326; year to date: 2018, 863; 2017, 769
  • Panamera – February: 2018, 602; 2017 28; year to date: 2018, 1,212; 2017, 63
  • Cayenne – February: 2018, 1,051; 2017, 1,156; year to date: 2018, 2,353; 2017, 2,506
  • Macan – February: 2018, 1,506; 2017, 1,575; year to date: 2018, 3,143; 2017, 3,535
  • Totals: -- February: 4,382; 2017, 3,637; year to date: 2018, 9,198; 2017, 8,239

Source: Porsche

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