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Porsche Ends 2016 With 4.9 Percent Sales Increase, New Record

Porsche Cars of North America ended 2016 on a positive note with its seventh consecutive record-breaking sales year and high expectations for 2017.

Closing the year out on a positive note, Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) reported that 2016 ended on a record sales note. The automaker, a luxury/sports member of the Volkswagen Group, said in a release Wednesday that it ended 2016 with a 4.9 percent sales increase for a new PCNA record.

“Our product offensive continued to thrive with the arrival of 23 new model variants in 2016. As a result, we achieved our seventh consecutive year of increased sales,” Klaus Zellmer, president and chief executive of PCNA, sid. “I am confident we will see steady growth in 2017 with balanced supply and demand.”

In December, the automaker sold 4,015 vehicles, bringing 2016 sales to a record of 54,280 vehicles. Porsche sells the following vehicles:

  • 911 sports car
  • Boxster sports car
  • Cayman sports car
  • Macan (SUV)
  • Cayenne (SUV)
  • Panamera four-door sports sedan

“Macan sales accleraed strongly in 2016 with the introduction of new variants. Porsche plug-in hybrid sales were also promising with 2,111 Cayenne S E-Hybrid models retailed, a 92 percent increase over 2015,” Joe Lawrence, PCNA, executive vice president and chief operating officer, said. “In 2017, we look forward to the highly anticipated all-new Panamera, as well as the first full year of sales for our new 911 and 718 sports car models.”

Porsche Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle sales in December were 1,730. Year-to-date CPO sales are 16,981 units, a 15.1 percent hik, compared to the same period in 2015.
Here’s a quick look at all Porsche sales:

Model December sales Year-to-Date
2016 2015 2016 2015
Boxster/Cayman 373 414 6,260 6,663
911 711 654 8,901 9,898
Cayenne 1,089 1,220 15,383 9,898
Panamera 36 257 4,403 4,986
Macan 1,796 1,382 19,332 13,533
Grand Totals 4,015 3,936 54,280 51,756