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Here’s A Way To Buy An Audi RS6, At A Fraction Of The Price

Audi's RS6 is a performance machine that has remained true to it roots. Indeed, if you were to own an older model and purchase today's equivalent, you would find very little difference, other than possibly overall tightness. Indeed, this is a minor factor because an older RS6 is quite a tight car, no matter what.

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While wandering around the internet looking for an unusual vehicle to write about, I came across an Audi RS6 on Autotrader, offered for $12,600. Imagine that pricing! When it was released 14 years ago, the RS6 quickly cracked the $80,000 barrier at $82,700.

You can have the same vehicle for a savings of $70,100. You might think that there’s some huge problem that has left the owner charging bargain-basement prices for a high-performance sports sedan, but, according to the ad, there’s nothing wrong with the 4.2-liter 450-horsepower bi-turbo engine. At 171,200 miles, this RS6 is just getting broken in.

In fact, according to the Autotrader listing, the RS6 “runs great.” Granted, owners tend to wax a bit enthusiastic when they list their vehicles, but, the owner’s statement is probably true because the RS6 in question has been “dealer maintained.” And, the owner has the records to show the maintenance. Overall, the RS6 is in good condition, though there is a bit of curb rash on the alloy wheels. The paint is original, although there are some minor scratches and dings. The interior is in good shape, the ad states, with “no rips or tears in [the] soft leather … Everything works as it should.”

The black-on-black RS6 has the original 4.2-liter V-8 biturbo engine that turns out 450 horsepower. Everything on the RS6 is stock except for its KN coil covers.

As if you needed a reminder about the RS6, the seller added the caveat you that this is your chance to “drive a classic and fast Audi for a fraction of the price … It’s a nice daily driver.” By the way, the mileage is right on the mark for its years at 171,200.Here's a description of an affordable RS6.

Source: Autotrader

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