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Here’s a practical auto award, Audi Q5 lauded for its interior

Audi's Q5 wins award for its interior.

At last, there’s an automotive award that has more than a bit of practicality. After all, how many awards do you know of that think of the importance of a car’s interior? At least one, of course, this one from Autotrader.

Let’s face it, there are any number of awards out there

Let’s face it; there is any number of new-car awards that address the usual things like the “best value under $15,000,” or the “best winter driving award” or maybe even the “best trade-in value.” How many vehicle awards address something unique? And why would they do it?

For me, the idea that an automotive publication would look for something a bit extra makes that award a bit more meaningful as it shows that someone is thinking about the folks who have to use an “award winner,” you and me.

With that said, Autotrader has named the 2018 Audi Q5 one of the publication’s “10 Best Car Interiors under $50,000.” The editors of Autotrader determine the award by looking for interiors that are attractive, comfortable and thoughtfully planned. To get into consideration, each vehicle has to have an interior that is attractive, comfortable and thoughtfully planned. The cars tested score fours or better on a five point evaluation scale. Autotrader's 10 best interiors for under $50,000.

The editors of Autotraders had strong praise for the Q5’s styling and sportiness as a crossover. “The main attraction is the interior, which is especially handsome,” with available Audi Virtual cockpit noted as “excellent and easy to use.”

The inside is as important as the outside

Tara Trompeter, the managing editor of Autotrader, said in an interview that what is “on the inside of a car is arguably as important as what’s on the outside, “since drviers and passengers spend all their travel time here [in the interior]. The recently updated Audi Q5 boasts new styling and a sporty character, and with a reputation for innovative interior design, the 2018 models live up to all expectations.”

Last year, Audi’s 2017 Audi A4 was named one of the publication’s “10 Best Car Interiors.” The A4 impressed editors with the available full-color heads-up display, Audi Virtual Cockpit and high-end materios used throughout the cabin.

Source: Audi